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What a crazy time we're living in. It's easy to get wrapped up in the parts of our life that are unravelling, but it's so important to use this as an opportunity to help those around us.

In lieu of everything going on, it's a great time to support your favorite small businesses. We want to give you some ideas on how you can help them to keep their doors open. 

1. Shop from your local grocery store

(Before you head out, see if any elderly neighbors need groceries as well. They will be so thankful for the favor, and it is probably safer that you go instead of them.)

2. Order take out

(So many local restaurants are now offering curbside service or delivery to comply with social distancing orders.)

3. Go online shopping!

(You probably have more time on your hands now than you did before. Use this as a time to find some cool new small businesses and try buying from them. You never know what gem you might find! Whether its activewear, shoes, or maybe even ethically & sustainably sourced equestrian inspired tailored athleisure.. just a thought! ;) )

4. Buy gift cards from your local businesses

(This can really help a small business to keep paying their employees. It also gives them hope that their regulars will keep coming back.)

5. Donate to local food banks

(Grocery stores are filling up again so let's help those around us as much as we can.)

6. Be generous with tips

(Tipping well is always a good habit to keep, but it can really make a difference for someone right now.)

7. Talk about your favorite businesses on social media

(We're all on our phones so much now, what a perfect time to spread the word about your favorite brand or restaurant.)